Nicole C. Mullen “Hey Girl” Press Release

Nicole C. Mullen “Hey Girl”
Press Release

Nashville, TN- Nicole C. Mullen’s much anticipated Pop/Urban single entitled, “Hey Girl,” released to i-Tunes on Tuesday, January 26, 2016 as the spark to a female fist pump celebration.

The new Mullen’s single, “Hey Girl” is being praised as The Women’s Anthem for the Ages. Females of all ages and sizes are encouraged to send this musical fist-pump to one another.

“It’s upbeat and speaks to the heart of every female and affirms the fact that we are valuable, unique and beautiful; not because of our size, color or shape…, but because God has fashioned us. We are all Designer originals! – Nicole C. Mullen

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, the multi-award winning triple threat started her career as a background singer for Michael W. Smith and the Newsboys. Nicole then worked as a dancer/choreographer for Contemporary Christian artist, Amy Grant before stepping out to center stage. Mullen wrote the award winning Contemporary Christian classic, “Redeemer” and co-wrote another award winner, “On My Knees.” Both songs earned the “Song of The Year” award from the Gospel Music Association (GMA). Nicole C Mullen was the first African-American to be honored by the GMA as “Songwriter Of the Year” in 2001. In 2005, she earned another Grammy nomination for Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album of the Year for “Everyday People.” Nicole C. Mullen has been named “Female Vocalist Of The Year” twice by the Gospel Music Association.

Mullen tours around the world. She especially loves Belize, where she established a mentorship program called “Baby Girls and Champions.” She has expanded the program to other countries including Zambia.

“Mentorship is our way of investing in young people with the hope of Christ. We use the
arts as a way to motivate and encourage them to reach for the stars, while we share our own personal and practical experiences.” says Mullen.

The single, “Hey Girl,” will be available for download on I-tunes Jan. 26. Nicole encourages others to be a special Valentine to a woman you know, be they young or old, short or tall, thin or plus. Everyone could use a musical hug this time of year.
For more information on Nicole C. Mullen contact: Karen Brockington at or 615-554-4318